Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There is too much... Let me sum up.

First let's start off with some important stuff that just can't wait. When I was younger I complained, almost constantly, of the lack of Christian concerts in this area. There was, at that time, almost no music at all for those under 21 in Lane County... Let alone Christian rock. Now, thanks to people like David Evarts and the group Redemption Rocks, we seem to be seeing more and more Christian bands that have the ability to, well... let me quote my old friend Joseph, "They RAAAWWWWKK!" It seems a shame that anyone who likes rock music would miss these shows. They have great prices, great venues, and great songs. Let's be honest... If you don't catch the shows, they'll eventually go away again and you'll have nobody to blame but yourself. It sucks to have to drive to Portland any time you want to catch your favorite new, or old(er), band.

This Saturday, February 19th, (two days after my fourth wedding anniversary... but we'll talk about that later) Everyday Sunday will rock "your head in" (my words, not theirs) at the Morse Event Center along with some great opening acts. I plan to be there. Not just because the band sounds great, but because we need bands like this to keep coming, and coming, and coming... Tickets are available at a deluge of places. The quickest online option, in my not-humble-enough opinion, is here. Also for the record, and really this all is "for the record", one of the opening bands, Parker Brothers, is not the board game manufacturer. But they rock too.

Now, if you're not so fond of good music and want something on the crappier side (crappier sounds better if it's read as a French word) you can always check out my music on Amazon here.

Four years ago a wonderful woman, who's only flaw is her taste in men, married me in a wonderful and sweet ceremony. I'd like to type a million words to tell you what she means to me. But there's nothing I can say to tell you how she's saved my life again and again. It's hard to explain how on my sickest days she's held the bowl while I vomited, on days when I could hardly move (which is most) she's put my shoes and socks on for me. This gift from God has made me a better person. In fact, the best advice I can give to those out there in the dating world is that you should find someone who makes you better. Not someone who makes, "you want to be a better man," but someone who actually improves who you are. That person is out there. I found mine. 
I'm going to try to start adding an occasional sketch to the blog. 
She still holds my hand while we watch tv. Still laughs at my crappy jokes. Her smile melts my heart and fills it with joy. Her eyes are the only one's I look to when I need to see how I well, or poorly, I sang that last song. They always beam, confirming I did great or gently lying to me to give me strength. I'd do every thing in my life again, go through every pain, make every mistake, if that's what it took to get me these last four years with the woman God put in my life. I've said it before, in fact I repeat myself a lot, I don't know what she did or will do wrong to deserve it, but I'm glad God gave her me as a punishment. ;)

Thank you to the few people who together have provided us with a couple days at a nearby hotel and money for meals. This is very likely our last anniversary and you've helped me do something special for my wife.

"Kristin, you know how much I love you, at least as much as I can express it here. I know that someday, after God has taken me home, He will eventually bring another person into your life. All I ask is that you make sure he treats you like the strong, courageous, beautiful, funny woman you are and that he's not someone who will ever take your love for granted. That's a simple request right? (Stop rolling your eyes.) You are so much more important than you'll ever understand. Not just to me. To so many people. I never get tired of people telling me how amazing and great my wife is and I never will. But as long as I'm here I will do my best to prove my love and hold you as tight as I can. So tight that, maybe I'll never leave. I love you."
Now, I'm going to go cry for a few hours so I can get it all out before our anniversary starts at Midnight. Don't think for a moment that I won't be waking her up at Midnight to tell her, "Happy anniversary!" She's worth it. And that Midnight kiss will be well worth the few moments of grumpiness when I wake her up.

We finished painting my "urns" with the ads on them. They're fired and beautiful. I'll post the story and pictures this weekend... probably.


Glender House said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ivy said...

Happy anniversary you crazy kids!

Tim said...

Hope you had a fantastic time.