Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Emotional Plagiarism

I had every intention of blogging tonight. But Kristin said everything I felt on her blog:


We have now found ourselves in a position that in order to financially survive I have to get a job. The time I have let with Aaron seems so short to me. I am terrified to go to work and miss that precious time. 

I don't understand God's plan in all this. 

... but now with the insurance ending in January and Aaron being on the last chance treatment, this will be the actual last Christmas.

But at the same time I'm going to have to try even harder to fake it.

Go read it. I know many of you are praying. I hope and pray you all have a good Thanksgiving. My only advice? If you are over 30 or married, you are now required to show up with a side dish or a gift for your hostess. It's just good Thanksgiving etiquette.

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tracymae74 said...

I've been following both Kristin and your Blog...your Mom's too and praying. Glad to hear she got the job today but soooo understand the feeling of being torn about it. I wish there was another way for you both. If there is something you two need please give me/us a shout, we're close :) I've been wanting to stop by by the little guy can't seem to stay well (dang day care) and I don't want to bring you any unnecessary germs. Love to you both, and Belle too! Have a great Turkey Day!

Love Tracy