Tuesday, September 07, 2010

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That about sums it all up. It's funny, that was recorded in the ten o'clock hour and it's now just after 2:30am. I still haven't slept. Sometimes it's hard to go in there and see my sweet, loving, wife sleeping so soundly, peacefully. I feel like a heavy rock being thrown into a perfect pond. The pond is gorgeous and smooth and peaceful and I feel like me even entering the room is an explosion of displacement that can't be controlled. An upheaval that distorts and destroys the serenity.

Kristin & Belle back before the cancer.
I don't even think Belle is two-years old here.
Please don't forget, or hesitate, to make this show coming up. I advertise some of my old songs here. They're not too bad. This will be a musical gig. No comedy intended. I'll be opening for one of my favorite bands, and some of the most talented song writers, of all time! It fulfills a bucket-list item I wasn't even aware I had and we'll be billed at Aaron Jamison and the Comfortable Pain.

The Lost Dogs are hard to describe because one song is country, the next is surf, the next is rock and then you suddenly hear undertones of John Lennon. Even if you can't make my part of the night, you should check out the band. Tickets are available at http://LAMconcerts.com for Thursdays, September 16th at 7:30pm... Cozmic Pizza (which has great food... try the garlic knotts).

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Jan said...

Grateful,love, pride and honor is what I feel about God blessing my life with you as my Son.