Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Third Birthday "Muffinhead"!

This week, Thursday to be specific, I will cross another item off of my "bucket-list". I, along with some friends (Billed as Aaron Jamison and the Comfortable Pain), will be opening for The Lost Dogs at Cozmic Pizza. Please come out and see the show. I haven't really performed music, without some kind of comical improv involving Tim, in years. And, I know I say this quite a bit but, this will probably be my last music show.

Friday was my most recent MRI. I'll get the results for it on Thursday morning. It feels a  little weird getting them the same day I'm playing. But I wouldn't change it. It also feels right. Once we know the MRI results we'll basically have four options:

  1. Keep the current chemo regemin (Vectibix and Oxaliplatin)
  2. Switch it up trading the Oxaliplatin for Avastin
  3. Drop the "tag-alongs" and just take the Vectibix
  4. Stop chemo treatment all together

These choices will, of course, depend on what the MRI shows. The options there seem to be:

  1. The cancer has progressed, but only slightly. Meaning the mix is working, but only slightly
  2. The cancer has regressed. Meaning the treatment is working and I'll probably stay on it for two more months.
  3. The cancer has progressed aggressively. Meaning, "Good bye liver."
  4. The cancer is gone. Meaning God chose to intervene.

Either way... No matter the outcome... It's a good way to go into a show. I probably won't make any decision that day. I'll have to talk it over with Kristin. Then she and I will have to talk it over with God. If we're smart, and we aren't always, we'll wait for God to answer.

So, back on task, the show is Thursday the 16th, 7:30pm, at Cozmic Pizza. Tickets are $10/each or $30/family. You can buy at the door or at the promoter's web-site: Keep in mind that this isn't some fancy operation. These guys make great music and their agent/promoter lives locally and makes very little, if anything, on these shows. When the band flies in on Wednesday night, they'll be staying the night at her house. Sleeping bags and everything.

I know some of you who read this will be leery that I'm leading you directly into a "Christian concert" with smoke, lasers and Bibles being thrown into the audience. Well, as far as I know, these guys are Christians and everyone playing music with me is. But it's not what I would call "Christian music". They're just a band that happens to be made up of Christians. There will be no alter-call, no offertory/request for money and, to the best of my knowledge, no one will "heal" you by smacking you over the head with a Bible. I doubt there'll even be a Bible there. It's just about the music. Come down and say, "Hi."

Today, September 13th, is Belle's birthday. She's three years old today. We had planned a party. We were going to invite puppy friends to the park. Tim and I were going to make a cake out of peanut-butter and meat. But things are too tight. She might get a new, cheap, chew toy. Or we may just wash one of her old ones. Money or not, she does mean the world to us and, for us, is our daughter.

This little puppy has become more to us than we had ever imagined. When she falls asleep next to her Mom (Kristin) it's as if God's giving me a glimpse of Heaven. She'll get to go to the park tomorrow and I'm sure we'll scrounge up a special treat of some kind.

Grand-gnaw, Mama & Grand-paw popping out to give Belle
a very happy birthday surprise! I'm behind the camera.
If you'd like to see Belle have a better, more gift filled, birthday next year... Maybe you should stop by her Mom's store and see if there's any of Kristin's hand-made glass jewelry that catches your eye.

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