Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i'm still diabetic. it's like a vegan knife to my pancreas.

For all those who "poo-poo-ed" PETA for buying an ad on my page and not just "giving" me the money, they (PETA that is) sent me a lovely box of vegan chocolates & truffles, along with a thank you card today. Actually, they probably sent it a couple of days ago. But it arrived today. Delivered with a frozen little cooler thing to keep the rice milk and soy from going bad due to the rising heat of the sun roofs in the UPS trucks. (That's one of those ideas that sounds great in theory, but I assume just turns the van into a giant sun-oven of doom for the drivers.)

So there ya go. PETA, not a group of terrible people. Besides... y'all know it's wrong to wear fur right? (Said the man in the leather shoes. Are they leather? They look like suede. They may not be. They're Converse. If they're fake then probably a few third world children gave half their day to make my shoes... so I'm still a jerk in the long run.) Also, for the record, I still insist on pronouncing the acronym PETA at Pet-a (that's the word "pet", as in a pet dog, followed by the "a" sound from "apple"). I mean it doesn't stand for People for the EEEthical Treatment of Uh-nimals right?

In other news, our "VIP Tour" of the WB studios before the Ellen show on the 25th is set up and finalized. They were very sweet and worried that it would all be too much for me in the long run. I assured them the worst that could happen would be me passing out or dying. After that they were fine with the idea. *wink* I was even able to get the name of the guests that were on that day. (I'm not one of them, for the record) But I'm not allowed to tell you. That would be cheating. Our episode, if everything goes as planned, should air on the 26th or 27th of May. Somebody "TiVo" it will ya?

Also, also, wik: We finally have some bracelets in, as well as a few key-chains. We'll make them available on this site as soon as I get back. Gotta warn you though, it just seems silly to package and mail one bracelet. So they'll be available in quantities beginning with five or ten. More to come.

Thanks for all the support on the video blog yesterday. I prefer this. I can't say it's more edited or thought through. (I really just type what I'm thinking.) But I prefer this. There will be more video blogs. But, to be honest, if I could I'd probably type them up on an old portable type-writer and just scan and post them if I had the energy... which I don't.

One of the shirts I'm making myself for the trip. Front: Choose joy!  Back: Or take it as a suppository.


Hedy said...

Well, I for one, will buy some bracelets. I have lots of friends who think cancer sucks, and I'm sure I'll be able to give them away!

Blog often! Do it!!! :D


Renee said...

Heard you on the Wolf this morning.
You are truely and inspiration to us all.
God Bless!

Garrett said...

Matthew 5:4 blessed are those who morn for they shall be comforted. Jesus died so we could be saved from eternal death. this you already know im sure. but he also so came to give us life and life more abundently. See we won't need to be healed from our sickness in heaven there won't be cancer there. but down here we have to fight with the evil forces IE. the devil and his demons cancer sickness diseas. brother please don't take this the wrong way but i don't care what the doctors say about what you dealing with. the Lord Jesus Christ wants to heal you. The bible says lay hands on the sick and they will recover. I believe the lord will heal you death is not from God. Jesus beat death 2000 years ago. and it is still defeated today. Read Acts chapter 3. God bless you brother and also don't worry about afending people when you talk about Jesus I will be praying for you.

Lavon-Maple Valley, WA said...

I listened to your interview on a Seattle radio station. You are truly a remarkable man to share your journey with so many. My love and prayers to you and your family.