Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Curry General Hospital?

Yesterday morning, early, we set out from our humble rental home on the coastal highway to California. A few hours in Kristin's pain, which she has previously thought to be just "cramps", became so great that we had to find the nearest hospital and get her into the emergency room. It took three different tries at drugs to get her pain down to a workable level. We were treated by a wonderful nurse (Alice) and a seemingly only partially-competent doctor. Then we turned and headed for home.

Today she had an emergency appointment with her gynecologist who gave her medication for the pain, medication to help prevent future instances and told her the current ailment would have to "run it's course." Her doctor also said that, given the circumstances, she would suggest Kristin go to California. There's very little risk of anything getting worse. The most likely scenario is that Kristin will hurt for another week or so and then feel better.

So we're going. It's Kristin's decision really. I'd easily skip any trip if I felt her health was at risk. Have I mentioned lately how stubborn my wife is? Have I mentioned how much I love her?

So we'll leave again tomorrow. I'll drive most of the trip now. Kristin will be stoned... er... on pain medication.

The only part of the trip we'll really miss is San Francisco and Wicked. I'm really relieved to know Kristin's going to be ok.

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Dree said...

Yay! Glad you still get to go! Can you do SF on the way back? Maybe not Wicked, but it is nice to see! Have a safe, & fun trip! I'll be watching Ellen, looking for you!

david said...

Have a great time. db

Garrett said...
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allen said...
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Ronnie said...

God bless you Aaron! Can't wait for my bracelets to come in, I'm telling everyone about your journey and this blog. Stay strong, my friend.