Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas and The Bells

I'm wide awake. Just can't seem to stop thinking. The great thing about blogging at this hour is the unlikely-hood that anyone will actually read what I've written. By the time they check whatever service (ie Facebook, Livejournal, Twitter) they use to see that such things have been updated, my writings will have been buried under tons of, "...Is getting ready for work," "10 Things I hate about Christmas," and "Little Jimmy is home from school with..." posts.

This Christmas will be different. I've thought about that quite a bit the last few days. I've also realized that, at least in my world, every Christmas is different. So this Christmas is really the same in that it's different.

I won't be attending any Christmas parties this year. My work-place doesn't appear to be having one, Kristin's employer has an "employees only" one, and I've become so detached from friends that I'm unaware if any of them are having one. I'm a little sad about it. But, honestly, with my horrible work schedule a party would be a fairly iffy concept at best any way.

This weekend begins my Christmas season, officially. Kristin's Dad, Allan, has a birthday on Friday. Kristin's is Saturday. I'm taking her to Portland to see The Polar Express on Imax Friday. We're both pretty excited. Then Saturday breakfast with my parents for her birthday, The Annual Springfield Christmas Parade, birthday party for Chris and Rachel's son Nathan and dinner with her parents for her Dad's birthday (which will have occurred the day before). Then begins the gauntlet of overtime at work which will surround Christmas and help pay down a little of our mounting medical bills.

My father, who retired as the Santa for the parade this year, will be doing a few charity based Santa events this year. I get to join him, along with my guitar, for a couple. I'm pretty excited about it. It feels very Christmassy to me.

Right now, it's five o'clock in the morning. Kristin is sleeping soundly, Belle is snoring loudly and I'm typing away. I guess I should shut this thing down and try, again, to get some sleep.

Oh... Bells. It's in the title of this post so I thought I should mention it.

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