Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I received a great reminder from a friend early yesterday, before election results were in. It was a reminder that, no matter the outcome in the election, we hold a responsibility to support our leaders. I plan to, as a Christian, pray often for our new President. I had originally done that for our current but became jaded some where along the way.

There's no real excuse for becoming jaded. In fact, becoming jaded is an excuse for not doing what we're supposed to do.

So, no matter the actions taken by our new leaders, both locally and nationally, I will pray for them. I may not agree with all their decisions. In fact, I doubt I will. But I will pray that God protects them, leads them and and gives them the strength and courage to make the right decisions.

Whether you like him or not, voted for him or not, President Elect Obama made the best statement for this country right now when he said, "We are not blue states or red states. We are the United States."

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