Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red Warrior Needs Sleep Badly

So much going on...

Still working part-time at a local print shop doing design work. Have also gone into business with a new friend doing tshirts, design, vinyl banners & signs, business cards and just about anything else... including full color vehicle advertising wraps.

The last fish are dead and have been replaced with Dot and JYD (Junk Yard Dog).

I'm currently watching Return of the Jedi and pre-cooking sausage for a lasagna I'm making tomorrow night when friends come over for dinner.

I've quit hosting karaoke. Though I'll probably host it one last time this Friday night.

God is working heavily in our lives. Right now my faith is being stretched pretty thin. But I know He has a plan and I land somewhere in it.

Our financial situation is pretty... interesting. Just trying to wait on God and see what he does.

Kristin has been suffering painful migraines and finally had to seek some medical help this week.

Our new church is great.

Anyway... the Return of the Jedi DVD pooped out and when I switched back to TV and nothing's on. I guess that means I should go back to check on the sausage.

Thanks for reading.

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